Acuvers Simultaneous & Consecutive Interpretation

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We at Acuvers Consulting Services believe translation is and should be a simple business. It is all about putting ourselves into customers’ shoes and keeping the process simple and smooth. While the top 10 translation companies in the world account for less than 1% of market share, we believe the future of translation is not about making it big but making it simple. Translation is one of a few businesses that have always involved human emotion and heart. While intelligent machines in the future can help translate documents with acceptable accuracy, they are not able to put human emotion into translation in the intended way in the foreseeable future.

Formed by a team of certified translators who have worked on a diverse range of projects, we provide translation with clarity and accuracy. Furthermore, we put human emotions in the exact same way that our customers put into their documents and brochures. We translate with a joyous tone of voice when there is a happy story in the document. We translate with great passion and ambition when the client’s marketing brochures are aiming at 100% growth in the Chinese market. “Our copy writer is only as good as your translators and our English documents are only as good as your translations”, one customer once spoke of the importance of delivering high-quality and accurate translation.

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